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The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 came into effect on 4 April 2016.
  • It places obligations on the people who create risk and are best placed to manage it.
  • It provides for worker participation and the sharing of health and safety information.
  • It has regulations which describe certain requirements to be met for certain duties.
  • It integrates the regulation of workplace use of hazardous substances.
  • It has a responsive enforcement regime.
To ensure you comply with legislation it is advisable to review and revise how you manage any critical risks - those that could cause illness or injury serious enough to keep someone off work.

The law says you need to take reasonably practical steps to manage these risks. How you do this will depend on:
  • how seriously someone could get hurt
  • the chance of an accident happening
  • and how much control you have over preventing it.
While legislation can stipulate the framework, its successful implementation depends on multiple factors, such as leadership, organisational culture, worker engagement etc.

Thus, we encourage and guide our clients beyond compliance to robust systems that deliver best health and safety outcomes.
  • Customised HSMS - a Health and Safety Management System tailored for your business
  • On-site and or remote Health and Safety support - by your Health and Safety Consultant
  • On-going Training - ensures your staff has understanding of legal requirements
  • Health and Safety Software Options - increase compliance and engagement
  • Contractor Prequalification Process (e.g., Totika, ImpacPrequal, SiteWise, Impac etc.) - is taken care of where required.
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